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Data Stewardship

Data stewardship is a role based responsibility within an organization and needed to ensure the consistency, relevancy and accuracy of the data. Data Stewardship is performed throughout the Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, and business process improvement initiatives. Data Stewardship is carried out by data stewards who are entrusted with the responsibilities to :

  • Define common data element, metadata definition
  • Determine what constitutes as right information or golden record
  • Remove duplicate, inconsistent, and conflicting data sets
  • Clearly define data values including types and codes
  • Ensure that data items are relevant and still in use
  • Map required information to source data items
  • Match business requirements with available information
  • Review data profiling results to correct data anomalies and improve data quality

Cube Intelligence works with the business and IT executives to set-up Data Stewardship policies, expectation, process and best practices to improve Data Mapping, Data Matching and Data Quality.

Led the initiative to design the Master Data Management models for the Masshealth Third Party Liability (TPL) group. Expertise in data warehousing, data integration, data matching and data mining expedited the development of reporting for key healthcare coverage data.

Kathleen M – TPL Program Director UMass CHCF   
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