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Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing executives are overwhelmed with the explosive growth of leads, prospects and customers data in multiple systems including cloud, CRM, Microsoft Access, Excel, legacy systems, proprietary databases, unstructured data sources, website analytics and social media. They need a strategy to integrate and achieve a complete, extended and 360 degree view of their sales and marketing data.

Cube Intelligence Master Data Management solutions for sales and marketing deliver cleansed, unduplicated, integrated, standardized, and enriched information to :

  • Improve lead conversion
  • Increase sales revenues by relevant cross-selling and up-selling
  • Build marketing strategy based on right information
  • Align sales and marketing strategies
  • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Measure and monitor business performance and ROI
  • Quickly and uniquely identify customers, employees and services from an M&A
  • Consolidate multiple organizations data into a single entity
  • Avoid multiple and duplicate messages delivered to the same customer

Led the initiative to design the Master Data Management models for the Masshealth Third Party Liability (TPL) group. Expertise in data warehousing, data integration, data matching and data mining expedited the development of reporting for key healthcare coverage data.

Kathleen M – TPL Program Director UMass CHCF   
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