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Cube Intelligence Products are fixed-price, fixed-duration offerings from our Consulting Services. Our products are designed to provide our customers a quick overview, how-to steps, roadmap, best practices, kick-off and a head start for their Master Data Management, Data Quality, Data Integration and Data Warehousing initiatives.

Why customers purchase our products? To gain overall understanding of the solution in a very short duration of 2-4 weeks, gain knowledge from experience, minimize risks and implement the solution in-house.

Master Data Management

  • Master Data Management Overview
  • Master Data Management Framework

Data Quality

  • Data Quality Overview
  • Data Quality Framework

Data Modeling

  • Conceptual, Logical Data Model

Led the initiative to design the Master Data Management models for the Masshealth Third Party Liability (TPL) group. Expertise in data warehousing, data integration, data matching and data mining expedited the development of reporting for key healthcare coverage data.

Kathleen M – TPL Program Director UMass CHCF   
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