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HealthCare Insurance

At the core, healthcare industry is all about providing the highest level of patient care and being cost effective at the same time. In order to combat the ever rising cost and to provide the best of the class patient care augmented with HIPAA and other regulatory compliance, a large number of healthcare providers, health insurance companies and government and state agencies are turning to Master Data Management solutions.

Cube Intelligence Master Data Management and data warehousing solution for healthcare companies provide a common platform and a single source of authoritative truth to sales, marketing, and finance executives that enable them to :

  • Increase sales revenues by relevant cross-selling and up-selling
  • Grow customer base and improve customer retention programs
  • Improve quality of patient care
  • Improve coordination between providers, members, locations and employees
  • Comply with regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, ARRA
  • Adapt to the demand of Affordable Care Act by eliminating data inconsistencies
  • Enhance data matching and data mining
  • Lower operational and IT cost
  • Integrate M&A

Masshealth Medicaid Office/UMass Third Party Liability executives working with Cube Intelligence :

  • Identified $1.2 million in recovery from the providers
  • Avoided over $2 million in estimated compliance fine
  • Saved $200K on IT cost

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan* :

  • Increased value of data by introducing a single source of authoritative, trusted diagnosis and inpatient procedure ICD-10 master data
  • Reduced cost of data by streamlining provider reimbursements and lowering labor costs
  • Enhanced patient safety and care delivery
  • Led to greater specificity of diagnosis and procedures
  • Enabled more accurate public health tracking and reporting

* Based on information from our partner company Informatica Corporation.

Led the initiative to design the Master Data Management models for the Masshealth Third Party Liability (TPL) group. Expertise in data warehousing, data integration, data matching and data mining expedited the development of reporting for key healthcare coverage data.

Kathleen M – TPL Program Director UMass CHCF   
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